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ART APPRAISAL EXPERT is the premier art appraisal firm in Beverly Hills, California.

You need advice on an item you saw in an auction?

You want to have an opinion on:
- the value of an artwork?
- the authenticity of an artwork?

You need a written appraisal for:
- insurance purpose?
- inheritance repartition?
- damage to an artwork in a shipping process?

You need an art authenticity certificate for:
- a future sale in an auction?
- an artwork you bought in an auction or from an individual?


We are highly trained professional art experts with 35 years of experience in fine art expertise, from old to modern masters.
As art appraisal experts, we think it is important for our clients to understand the finer points of art valuation.

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         All necessary information about an art appraisal, how it is                     done, the requirements. Credibility of an art expert.

In these links, we guide you through our work. We list artists we authenticated, appraised, or just commented.

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Artists we appraised over the 23 years in the USA

Visit museums worldwide, best way to learn about fine art.